Cats in Breda: The Book

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Content: Dutch and English



Dimensions: 200mm x 260mm

Printed: July 2021

Total pages: 256 pages

Illustrations: Yes


Image and text copyright copyright © 2021
by Lisa Tang Kuan Ying

Image editor: Maarten den Teuling
English editor: Mickey Gast
Dutch translation: Jennifer da Graça
Dutch editor: Elsbeth Venhoeven

Printed by: Het Uitgeef Huis



The adventure began when my front door closed behind me. 


I would walk and walk in my neighborhood to clear my mind and unburden my thoughts, worries, commitments and responsibilities. Every step I took was a string unraveled from my cluttered mind, and I would always come back home feeling lighter...(to be continued)


ISBN: 9789082800661


Cats in Breda: The Book

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